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Speedtimize is a comprehensive plugin for Blender that helps you speed up and optimize your workflow. With advanced features like similar loop selection, not-optimized mesh visualization, mesh statistics checking, showing only vertices and edges, you can quickly identify and optimize problematics in your scene. Plus, Speedtimize offers tools to check UV maps, fast file setup, add backdrops, lights and turnaround camera rig, set up clay override, wireframe renders, generate custom palettes, render singular or ranges of frames and more.

Check it out onBlenderMarket or on Gumroad.

Updated docs are available at this link.

LowHigh Renamer

We've also released for free LowHigh Renamer. This tool let you simply rename the select meshes automatically adding the "_low" and "_high" suffixes to their names. This makes it easy to differentiate between the low and high poly versions of your meshes, which is essential for texturing in Substance Painter and other softwares. Our plugin also allows you to quickly switch between viewing only the meshes with "_low" or "_high" in their names, or both at once. This gives more control and makes it easier to stay organized.
Check it out here

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