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Our services cover


3D modeling suitable for different uses


The 3D models created are suitable for video games, animation and media. We offer:
- Design of props, characters and environments
- Low poly, high poly and sculpture modeling
- Retopology and Texturing
- 3D graphics for websites and social networks
- Creation of 3D assets for every use
- Production of CGI graphics
- Production of game-ready 3D assets

2D and 3D animation


Our animation services include both 3D and 2D. Among the various services we offer:
- Concept and design of videos, commercials and animations
- 3D/2D rigging
- 3D animation
- 2D flat or vector animation
- Motion graphics
- Frame-by-frame animation
- Music video

Rendering and video editing


Rendering is used to display 3D models or animations in images and videos. We offer:
- Rendering of animations
- Rendering of products, environments and characters
- Rendering of simulations
- Lighting of the scene
- Video editing
- Color correction and color grading
- Implementation of visual and sound effects

Pc and mobile video games


We develop computer and mobile video games, both for entertainment and educational purposes, along with the assets to compose them.
- Ideation and prototyping of an idea
- UX/UI design
- Creation of 2D and 3D assets
- Game development and test
- Generation of shaders and textures

Tech assistance


We help you in the technical stuff regarding 3D modeling, videogames, tools development.
- Creation of rigging 3D and 2D
- Clean up of motion capture data
- Development of custom tools and addons
- Improvement of existing 3D/2D
- Implementation of assets in Unreal and Unity
- Development with Python, C# and ThreeJs